Club Spring Mountain News - February 2015

Club Spring Mountain News - February 2015

Send your Heart Racing this Month

Surprise your Valentine with Spa treatments in February.

Club Spring Mountain offers resort-style amenities with an exceptional staff creating the 01 radical raceultimate destination for discriminating motorsports enthusiasts. With a complete racing experience for you and fun for the whole family, you will find "The Club" to be the perfect place to stay and play. All the privileges of membership await your guests while you're on the track, including the fitness center, massage, putting green, pool and jacuzzi, racquetball, gun range, or simply enjoying fun and fellowship with members and friends in the relaxing Club lounge.

Exciting changes are popping up in the skyline at the facility as our latest resident, Jeffrey Cheng, moves into his beautiful new home at Spring Mountain Estates this month. Read all about Jeffrey's new oasis in the desert, and check out the track for the latest Radical SRX vehicles that just arrived from England!

Massage Therapy at Club Spring MountainPamper your loved ones this month or just treat yourself to a relaxing massage by our lovely and talented therapist, Tina Edgerton. Relax and rejuvenate your body and soul after a long day of racing. Members and guests love Tina's beautiful spirit and healing touch, so don't miss out on her latest special offer. To celebrate Valentine's Day Tina is offering hot stone massages for the month of February at a special low price of only $95.00. Reserve your massage in advance so you're not disappointed on race weekend. Call Erik at 702-335-5450 to schedule your visit to Club Spring Mountain today and we will see you at the track!

Radical News

Latest Radical Models on the horizon.

We are happy to report that Charter members, "Indy Al" Miller, Greg Boehme and Alain Radical Race WinnersDerzie, just took delivery of the hot new style SR3 RSX race cars recently flown in from England. The SR3 RSX was developed to incorporate a show-stopping new look and latest-generation LMP aerodynamics into the proven, lightweight and high-performance SR3 powertrain package. Congratulations to Al, Greg and Alain on your latest acquisition! We look forward to seeing you out on the track in your new Radicals.

Very soon we will also have the latest RSX V8 2.9 L race car for preview at the Radical dealership. The RXC V8 is the perfect car for track drivers and racers who want the ultimate low-weight, race-bred performance engine, combined with reliability and real-world running costs. The RXC V8 accelerates faster, corners harder and brakes later than its rivals. The V8 has more power, a lower center of gravity and lighter powertrain weight while retaining all of Radical's trademark on-track usability and refinement.

Visit us at the Club to see all the powerful and exciting new vehicles for the track we have to offer at our Radical dealership.

Club Race Weekend - Feb 21-22

Sunny Skies and High Spirits forecast for Race Weekend.

Please join us for another action-packed Club race weekend! The fun begins on Saturday with a Miata / Lotus RaceDrivers Meeting at 8:00 am, followed by 25 minutes of Orientation laps at 50 mph speeds (flashers required.) 25-minute sessions (Radicals, Sports Cars and non-racers) for practice, fun and qualifying will run throughout the day. Once again this month we will feature TWO separate Radical races...a rookie race and an SR3/Unlimited Contest. A Miata/Lotus Race will also be held on Saturday and Sunday, with a combined Miata/Lotus race on Sunday afternoon.

This month we will run the Stewart "B" 2.9-mile road course on both Saturday and Sunday. Your Thursday and Friday practice sessions will also be held on the Stewart "B" configuration.

Radical Racing at Spring Mountain MotorsportsRentals of our luxury-style loft condominiums can be arranged through Erik Odegard, Members Coordinator. Our condominiums feature all the comforts of a high-end hotel with the perfect trackside location, so invite your guests to stay with us on race weekend and enjoy all the amenities we have to offer. Members will have full use of the Clubhouse beginning on Thursday through the weekend. Executive Chef Susan will be hosting member lunches on Thursday and Friday practice days in the Clubhouse.

Saturday night Banquet! Please join us for an evening of cocktails, dinner and celebration at the Club house on Saturday night, with a delicious menu by Executive Chef Susan. Throughout the race weekend, buffet breakfasts are included in your race fees. Lunches are 15.00 with pre-registration or $20.00 at the event, and Dinner is $35.00 with pre-registration or $40.00 at the event.

For more information, please view the Saturday and Sunday race schedule. Spring Mountain Track Worker, Susan
View the latest points standings for the Radical Race Series, and the latest points totals for the Miata Series.

Noise Limits. Please note that effective immediately the published sound limit for vehicles driving on the Spring Mountain road course is 103 Decibels. Please comply with these limits, and if you have any questions please contact Sean McGray.

We look forward to seeing all of our members on the track this month!

Member News

Jeffrey Cheng moving into his Home at Spring Mountain Estates.

There are so many changes happening at Spring Mountain that it's almost impossible to stay New Home at Spring Mountain Motor Resortabreast of everything unless you are a regular visitor. During the past six months we've witnessed the completion of the sparkling lake and the addition of three new custom homes on the ridge. The first home belongs to our founder John Morris. The second house nearing completion belongs to Charter Member Jeffrey Cheng. We sat down with Jeffrey to ask him a few questions about his experience at Spring Mountain and his new custom home.

SM: It seems like yesterday that you joined the Club. How long has it been?

Jeffrey: Unbelievably it's been over four years and yet it seems like it was yesterday. I have to thank Doug Ramirez for dragging me out here with my GT-R. 24 hours was all it took to convert me. I literally drove onto the property in my GT-R on a Friday morning and became a member, bought a used Radical and entered my first rookie race 24 hours later! And to top that off I finished in 3rd place! That was truly an exciting moment and I knew this was going to be a very special place for me.

SM: Hard to believe it's been that long already. So what specifically draws you to Spring Mountain and makes it such a special place for you?

Club Spring Mountain, FriendsJeffrey: Whenever someone asks me about Spring Mountain I describe it as a "Disneyland for adults." From the moment you pass through the front gates it's like you're in another world where there are no problems, no stress and no drama. It's not only my love for cars and racing but it's also my love for many of the members I've met and the friendships I've forged. You'd be hard pressed to find a better group of down to earth, honest, and sincere people anywhere in the world. It's just a place where you can really feel comfortable and at ease.

SM: So now we see that you've really made a substantial investment into the track in the way of a new custom home next to John's beautiful house. What inspired you to build a new custom home here?

Jeffrey: I am very fortunate to share my life with a wonderful woman who fully supports my interests and hobbies. In fact she even takes it a step further and drives her own Radical! While she may not be interested in racing she certainly loves to drive lap after lap after lap in her car. Because she knows how important the track is to me and also shares some of the passion I have for racing, it was the ideal place for us to build a vacation home. Really a home away from home. We both look forward to spending at least a week a month at the track if not longer.

SM: That's truly a special woman you have there Jeffrey. To be supportive and to share in one of your true passions is not an easy combination to find. So can you tell us a little more about this new custom home?

Jeffrey: As is the case with most projects this one has evolved a hundred times over. It was never Jeffrey, Jessica and Liana at Spring Mountain Motor Resortintended to be quite so large (or so wide I should say ... ha ha). The original plan was for a house around 3000 square feet with an attached hangar for my plane. Nothing more. But once we started to design it we continued to add elements - a man cave, more guest rooms, a separate casita, an office, a pool, a RV garage (still to be added) and a larger hangar (in case I decided to buy a larger plane). What was originally intended to be about 7000 to 8000 sf of total covered space (both livable and non-livable) turned into close to 14000 sf of covered space. You know it's gotten out of hand when you realize your vacation home is nicer than your primary residence!

SM: That is quite a place! Can you give us a little more detail about some of the aspects of the house?

Jeffrey: The house consists of a Great Room which includes the living room and kitchen in one. As you know people tend to congregate in the kitchen so we decided to make the kitchen area one large open room. It has very high ceilings which gives it an awesome "open" feeling. A major attraction on one side of the great room is an ornate spiral stair case which leads up to my office and a viewing deck. Both face the track and have beautiful unobstructed views. There are seven other rooms in the house consisting of a TV room, playroom, master bedroom, baby's room, and various guest rooms. There is also a separate casita with its own entrance attached to the hangar.

SM: That is a very large hangar...it looks like a small jet could fit in there!

Jeffrey: The hangar actually ended up being larger than anticipated. Both the contractor and I seem to have a lapse in our memories as to why the opening of the hangar ended up being 50 feet wide! My plane's wingspan is only 39 feet and the larger plane I was considering acquiring has a 42 foot wingspan. So we could have easily shrunk the width of the hangar by at least five or six feet. Why it ended up being 50 feet is still a mystery to us. All I know is that I'm very grateful to John for allowing me to land my plane at the track and to even build a hangar attached to my house. Where else in the world are you going to be able to do something like this? It really is something almost unimaginable!

SM: Well Jeffrey it certainly seems like you've thought of everything in building your dream house. It looks great and we can't wait to see the finished product!

Club Spring Mountain Member's Plane and Car

Check out Jeffrey's beautiful new home next time you visit the Club. You can't miss it along the ridge with the dramatic mountain backdrop. Thanks for improving the property values around here, Jeffrey!

Thank You for your Support

We welcome your feedback and appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can make your time at Club Spring Mountain more enjoyable.

For more news, photos and information about upcoming events, be sure to "like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for the latest developments. Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Erik Odegard, your personal Country Club Representative. Erik can be reached via email erik@racespringmountain.com, TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 ext. 241, or by cell (702) 335-5450.

See you at the Club!