Radical Race Car Sales, Service and Racing Instruction

The Radical Division at Spring Mountain Motor Resort provides sales, service and support of the fastest, most reliable and safest production race car in the nation. As the world's largest Radical distributor we provide factory authorized support that is second to none, and with Radical’s official engine builder, Powertec, right on site, we’ll keep your Radical running strong.

Radical West also offers support for drivers competing in the CSM Radical Race Series.

  • “I just love the Radical SR3! The car is so well sorted, it’s fast right out of the box. The handling is incredibly predictable; it just begs to be driven on the edge. I also like the fact that I don’t have to spend all my time working on the car between run sessions. The passenger seat lets me share my passion with my friends and family. Their reactions make me smile.”

    Ken Melgoza – Radical Owner

  • "For most people, the thought of driving and racing a REAL racecar is not affordable and usually remains a dream. The Radical SR-3 is the genuine article at a reasonable price. 0-60 times in 3 seconds or less, 2.5G turns, 10,000+RPM sequential shifts, and eye-popping stopping power are all part of the experience. In addition, the open cockpit and accompanying wind-in-the face makes it the real thing, without the potential dangers of an open wheel configuration. You can take along a friend and watch the big smile that forms on their face - when they start breathing again!!"

    Bob M.- Radical SR3 Owner

  • “I began performance driving years ago with my special edition Viper. During a track event I was able to get a ride in a Radical and I was hooked! Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to own some of the fastest exotic sports cars in the world, including Ferrari, Lamborghini and even the Porsche Carrera GT and nothing even comes close to the performance of the Radical. It really is the most fun you can have on the track.”

    John Morris – SMMR Co-Owner

We offer the Radical SR3, PR6 and the incredibly fast 500HP SR8. These race cars feature six speed sequential gearboxes, fully adjustable Nik suspensions, high-downforce bodywork and structural components that comply with FIA Production Sports Car Crash Tests. You can customize your Radical race car to fit your needs and budget. We offer various engine configurations and options, including paddle shift with auto-blip, data logging systems, upgraded brakes and more.

Call today to learn more about these phenomenal machines or schedule a test ride.


Radical Sales

New, Used And Custom Radicals For Sale

If you’re looking for something custom that is uniquely you, look no further than the Radical racecar. Our unique relationship with Radical Motorsports, Ltd. can help get you in the drivers seat fast. With the largest inventory of new and used Radicals in the U.S., chances are we have the perfect racecar for you.

Radical School

The Fastest Way To Get Up To Speed…

As a new Radical owner, there is no better way to become acquainted with this exciting racecar than learning from our professional instructors. Our Radical Racing School is a great first step not only for new Radical owners but also for those considering a purchase. This course will teach you to achieve maximum interaction with the Radical SR3. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the Radical and the skills needed to take it to the limit.


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