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Track Rentals

The Spring Mountain race track is a purpose-built road course, architected with racing and training in mind. With over 6 miles of extensively configurable racetrack, it’s designed to meet a variety of motorsports needs. Whether you’re running cars, motorcycles, karts or other vehicles, we offer configurations that will challenge your group. Our facility can’t be beat for comfort and amenities that can be rented along with the track, including climate controlled classrooms, clubhouse with bar, lounge and patio, viewing towers and more.

We’re located in Pahrump, Nevada, just 55 miles from downtown Las Vegas. Our track can be rented any day of the week depending on previous rental and school obligations. Contact one of our representatives today to discuss availability and your custom track rental needs. For a preview of some of our more common configurations, visit our track configuration section.

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Corporate Events

If your corporation is seeking new ways to reward and challenge its employees with unique team building and group events, Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is the perfect venue. We offer some of the most exciting team building activities available today. Imagine putting your employee behind the wheel of a high performance sports car where they can learn, compete or simply challenge themselves in a safe, controlled racing environment. It’s an adrenaline rush like nothing they’ve previously experienced, and everyone walks away with unforgettable memories and real-world driving skills.

Whether your event is a few hours or a few days, Spring Mountain has something to meet your needs. Our professional corporate event planners can help you select the best team-building package, or assist you in designing a custom event to meet your special requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange an unforgettable experience today.

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Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is one of the most exciting venues available for private event planning. With an extensively configurable road course, a variety of high performance vehicles, professional staff and resort-style facilities, we offer a state-of-the-art motorsports environment to host your next group event. We are conveniently located in Pahrump, Nevada, just 55 miles from downtown Las Vegas.

Whether you’re seeking a pre-designed package or have unique event needs, our professional staff has experience creating the perfect combination of motorsports activities for corporate team building, car club events, specialized automotive training, and more. Performance driving is a truly exhilarating activity that will energize and challenge your group, build their confidence and ultimately provide real-world driving skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to differentiate your next event with one of the most thrilling and memorable experiences available today.

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Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is pleased to offer on-site accommodations. Each luxury loft-style condominium is fully appointed with flat screen TV, wireless Internet access, microwave and refrigerator. Buildings A and B include kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, convection stovetops, and more. Select units have balconies as well as spectacular views of the track. Our condos are available for nightly rental at reasonable rates (garages not included with nightly rentals).

In addition to nightly rentals, we offer our club members the option to lease select condos on a full-time or timeshare basis. All units are professionally decorated, move-in ready, and maid service is available for an additional charge. Leases include a climate-controlled garage directly below each unit for car and recreational storage. Available long-term leases are limited – call today for availability, 800.391.6891.

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Club House

Spring Mountain’s 8,000 square foot luxury clubhouse is a great place to relax between run sessions, hold drivers meetings and enjoy meals and cocktails. The complete facility includes, pool and Jacuzzi, fitness center, lockers and showers, massage therapy, business center and meeting room, patio area with observation tower, and a sumptuous lounge with a fully stocked bar.

The clubhouse also features a full commercial kitchen where our executive chef prepares delicious meals for our members, guests and students.

Members have complete access during business hours, and students and their families have access while enrolled in a Spring Mountain school. The clubhouse is also available for rental to event companies and corporations. Don’t forget to stop by this spectacular area during your next visit to Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club.

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Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club offers amenities like no other racetrack in the West. Our facility is a resort-style environment where you and your family can relax and play once the racing day is done. Whether you’re looking for after-race camaraderie and cocktails, additional sports activities, or just a relaxing private room, we have you covered.

Explore our clubhouse with outdoor patio, fire pits, pool area and workout facility, or continue your sporting day on our indoor racquetball court or gun range. If pure relaxation is more to your liking, book a massage with our staff massage therapist, or retire to one of our on-site condos. Whether you’re a club member, student or family member, our facility provides amenities to keep you entertained in comfort.

At Spring Mountain, we are always looking for new ways to entertain our members and guests. So come out to Lake Spring Mountain and experience the world's first water jetpack or jetblade! This amazing flying machine is what we all dreamed of as kids. To get a sneak peak of what's in store, check out Lake Spring Mountain. Once you see it, you will want to fly it now.

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The Track

The race track at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is a fantastic combination of fast sweeping corners, quick esses, off-camber turns, over 125 ft of elevation change and 4 high-speed straights including our newest half mile straight. With replicas of some of racing’s most famous corners including Mosport's 5a and 5b, the Watkins Glen "Bus Stop", and Road Atlanta's turn 1, Laguna Seca's "Corkscrew", our track provides a challenging experience for every level of driver.

The race track is comprised of over 6 miles of road course with more than 50 available configurations. Originally designed as a learning tool for the Spring Mountain Advanced Driving School (now the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School), it’s the perfect environment to keep your car in constant transition. In addition to being a superb tool for our driving schools, the Spring Mountain track is available for rent. Whether you’re a car club, corporation or institution in need of a motorsports facility, Spring Mountain is the perfect place for training, team building and pure adrenaline-charged fun.

Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is a state-of-the-art racing facility and exclusive motorsports country club located just 55 miles West of downtown Las Vegas. With over 6 miles of challenging racetrack and an array of resort-style amenities, Spring Mountain delivers a world-class motorsports experience to driving enthusiasts of all levels.

We are home to the renowned Ron Fellows Performance Driving School and the Radical Racing School. In addition to offering professional high performance driving instruction, we are the largest Radical racecar distributor in the world. Our professional driving instructors and mechanics are some of the best in the nation, and our dyno and Powertec engine shops are located on-site to keep your vehicles at peak performance.

Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club offers a variety of services, including performance driving instruction, track rentals, team building activities, performance vehicle sales and more. Contact a representative today to discuss your custom motorsports needs, 800.391.6891.

Our Vision
Since its founding in 2004 by partners John Morris and Brad Rambo, the track has experienced extensive growth and innovation. With a vision to create a world-class facility, John and Brad set out to design an environment that drivers and their friends and family could enjoy whether they were racing or not. The core goal was to architect an exhilarating and challenging track to keep drivers engaged and continually learning, but there was also the desire to create an environment that could offer comfort and entertainment for those attending races, but not driving. With this in mind, Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club now boasts over 6 miles of track with more than 50 configurations, thousands of square feet of air-conditioned permanent structures, including a luxury clubhouse with resort-style amenities, condominiums and private garages. If you’re serious about performance driving, it’s truly a destination not to be missed.

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Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is much more than a racetrack – it’s a complete racing experience built to standards like no other facility in the nation. Set against a stunning mountain backdrop just 55 miles West of the Las Vegas Strip, our state-of-the-art facility encompasses the longest road course in North America with over 6 miles of challenging racetrack and more than 50 unique configurations. Whether you need professional racing instruction, race mechanics, or hospitality assistance, our exceptional staff is there for you.