Club Spring Mountain News - August 2012

Club Spring Mountain News - August 2012

Major Changes at the Facility This Season

New Track Extension, Clubhouse Meal Service, and MORE

This summer our development team has been busy planning and executing exciting new changes to the facility to heighten your driving experience at Club Spring Mountain. Come out to visit and you will be in for a treat! The first weekend of August the track was closed for paving our track extension, and our summer visitors will be some of the FIRST few members to drive on the new and improved road course.

This weekend we laid an additional 127,000 square feet and 2040 tons of asphalt, resulting in a 3/4 mile track extension! Not only did we add new track, we also made changes to certain sections to improve safety for our drivers. At Ego Check we added over 400 feet of 12' wide paving, created more width to the long straight behind the Clubhouse, and Kenny's Corner was revamped with more paving and new curbing. In these areas, 12 additional feet of paving created a nearly 50' wide road course which means safer and faster racing. Many of the existing curbs were improved and we added new curbs for running the course in a counter-clockwise rotation. Also, we added a 4/10-mile extension off turn 4 with a series of fast, challenging turns, including an 8 degree banked turn with a roller-coaster feel.

EIGHT new variations to Spring Mountain's lineup of exciting track configurations were added with this track addition, including 4.1, 3.9, 3.6, 2.7, 2.2, 2.3, 2.0 and 1.8-mile options, two of which are reverse course configurations. The aerial photo gives you an idea of the changes, but you've got to drive it to truly experience the excitement! The new track is composed of state-of-the-art asphalt material which makes it possible to drive on within a few days after the job is complete.

In addition to the new track extension, beginning this fall we will be offering gourmet meals prepared in our own Clubhouse kitchen. Construction begins this week on a full commercial kitchen in the Clubhouse, adjacent to the bar. Effective October 1 we will offer meal service for breakfast, lunch and dinner on member weekends with a gourmet menu changing per season, and developed by our own Executive Chef. In addition to preparing meals for our own members, the food and beverage staff will be providing healthy and delicious lunches for the Ron Fellows Performance Driving Schools, and offering select cuisine for Corporate and Track events held at the facility. Plans also include adding more seating inside the Clubhouse dining room to accommodate the new meal service.

Next on the agenda...the development of an exclusive Drivers Lounge with refrigeration for wine storage, a cigar humidor, Sports TV with fight channels, a gun safe, poker table and more. And finally, the 3000 square foot shade cover outside the Radical garage that was destroyed in the Texas tornado is now being installed. The shade cover will provide much-needed shelter from the sun for race starts and mechanic/driver preparation.

Plans are still in place for further development on the newly acquired 120-acre parcel adjacent to the facility; however, there are still requirements to be satisfied by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. We recently completed a 'Turtle Study' on the property according to government protocol, and the results have shown we are in a low impact zone with no tortoise sightings which is good news for future development.

We'll see you at the Club!


New Opportunities at Monticello Motor Club

Club Spring Mountain proudly announces a new addition to our family of motorsports aficionados. Our new sister Club, Monticello Motor Club is located in the beautiful Catskill mountains of Monticello, New York. Our partnership began with the introduction of the Radical dealership in New York, and a relocation of our Radical fleet, mechanics and driving professionals to the east coast for a summer of Radical Driving Experiences at the world-class Motor Club. The Radical program has been a huge success with sold-out driving schools and new Radicals running on the Monticello Road Course. Read the New York Times article about the Monticello Radical program.

The summer culminates with an exciting "East vs. West" Radical Race weekend at Monticello on August 24-26, 2012. Many of our members have already signed up to participate, and if you are interested in attending please contact Sabrina for all the details.

We are pleased to announce a dual-membership option to join Monticello Motor Club as a Silver or Gold Member at 50% off the current initiation fees. Club Spring Mountain members with a residence (primary or secondary) within a 200-mile radius of Monticello Motor Club are not eligible for this offer. Club Spring Mountain members can join Monticello Motor Club as a Corporate member at the normal rate and their annual dues for 2012 and 2013 will be waived (reflects a savings of $15,000 per year.)

Spring Mountain Members who join Monticello Motor Club as a Bronze or Silver Member by August 31, 2012 will have their 2012 and 2013 dues waived! Spring Mountain Members who join Monticello Motor Club as a Gold Member by August 31, 2012 will have their 2013 and 2013 dues waived PLUS receive a day of private instruction and use of an MMC car (Cadillac CTS-V or Spec Miata Racecar).

Monticello Motor Club's road course was built to test a professional racecar driver, but designed to be safe for the first-time track enthusiast. Set on 175 wooded acres of undulating terrain, the course incorporates grand corners reminiscent of great European tracks; over 1.5 miles of straights, 450 feet of thrilling elevation changes; and a total of 22 turns including hairpins, increasing, and decreasing radius.

For more information about Monticello's dual-membership program, please contact John Illanovsky at john@monticellomotorclub.com or call 877-578-7223 x 288.


Classic to Charter Member Promotional Upgrade

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to upgrade your membership this month!

Effective immediately we are no longer offering Classic Memberships at Club Spring Mountain. For our existing Classic Members, now is the perfect time to upgrade to a Charter Membership. For a limited time we are offering a special opportunity for an upgrade from Classic to Charter Member status at Club Spring Mountain. The Charter membership is a family membership, with the ability to sell your share and other privileges. This promotion will expire in just a few weeks on August 31, 2012. Please call Mike Weeks at (949) 235-7810 or Sabrina at (702) 335-5450 for more details and pricing information.


Club Race Weekend - September 15-16, 2012

Don't Miss the FIRST Fall Event of 2012 with Miatas, Radicals and Bracket Races!

Racers, be sure to SAVE THE DATE and join us for the first Club Race competition of the Fall season, September 15-16, 2012. Don't miss this chance to see your friends and fellow members you've missed over the summer. Radical, Miata or Sports Car drivers and fans, enjoy the camaraderie and participate in all the weekend race fun. To give you the opportunity to practice before the race, we are opening up the full track on Thursday and Friday to the members. Remember, we've got a new and improved (and faster!) race track so you better get here early to practice. We are expecting a large field of Radicals and Miatas at the race, with drivers competing for points and trophies at the end of the year. Now is your chance to add more points to your cumulative totals so you can take home the big prizes! In June, Sabrina "hired" two new trophy girls, Bella and Mia, daughters of our Spring Mountain staff members, to present our winners with their medallions. Our adorable new trophy presenters have been well received by the members.

More details on the event will follow in the September newsletter, but you can expect great food, wonderful camaraderie and loads of entertainment. A complimentary continental breakfast will be served in the Clubhouse each day, and the price for lunches is $15.00 per person with pre-registration or $25.00 at the event, and dinner is $35.00 per person with pre-registration or $45.00 at the event, not including alcoholic beverages at the bar.

View the photos from last month's Club races.

Find out how you stand with the latest Race Results! View the final Radical race results, along with the latest points totals. View the Miata race results, along with the cumulative points totals.

For more information and details, please watch for the upcoming September Club Newsletter or contact your Country Club Coordinator, Sabrina Fares. Looking forward to seeing everyone at this special event!


Summer Driving School Deals

Enhancing Your Experience at the Club this Season!

In spite of the summer heat, large numbers of members have joined us at Club Spring Mountain this season. The weather is ideal for early morning track runs and afternoon relaxation in the sun. While you're driving, your guests can get fit in the workout room, enjoy a massage by the incomparable Tina, stay cool by the pool, or just relax in the luxurious clubhouse.

There are only a few weeks left to take advantage of our Summer Driving School Specials.....check out these great low prices for our Ron Fellows Performance Driving Schools this summer. For more information about the summer specials, visit our website.

Relax in air conditioned luxury in the Club Condominiums! Our Club Condominiums feature luxury studios with kitchenettes which will allow you and your guests more space for overnight stays in comfort, style and convenience. To book a room for your next visit, contact Sabrina Fares, your personal Country Club Representative, by phone (702) 335-5450, via email - sabrina@racespringmountain.com, or call her TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 ext. 241.

Remember to check our Event Calendar for the latest schedule and to plan your track visits this season. Schedule your trip to Club Spring Mountain today with our easy online RSVP form. Simply click on the date you would like to visit and you'll find the RSVP form for that time.

Don't miss out on all the fun at the Club this summer. Call Sabrina Fares, your Country Club Coordinator, to let us know you'll be here and we'll be ready for your visit! Sabrina can be reached TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891, or by cell (702) 335-5450.



We are always interested in your feedback and appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can make your time at Club Spring Mountain more enjoyable. For up-to-the-minute news, photos and information about upcoming events, "like" us on Facebook. Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sabrina Fares, your personal Country Club Representative, by phone (702) 335-5450, via email - sabrina@racespringmountain.com, or call her TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 ext. 241.

See you at the Club!