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Sunday, 23 January 2011 19:12

Track Rentals

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The Spring Mountain race track is a purpose-built road course, architected with racing and training in mind. With over 6 miles of extensively configurable racetrack, it’s designed to meet a variety of motorsports needs. Whether you’re running cars, motorcycles, karts or other vehicles, we offer configurations that will challenge your group. Our facility can’t be beat for comfort and amenities that can be rented along with the track, including climate controlled classrooms, clubhouse with bar, lounge and patio, viewing towers and more.

We’re located in Pahrump, Nevada, just 55 miles from downtown Las Vegas. Our track can be rented any day of the week depending on previous rental and school obligations. Contact one of our representatives today to discuss availability and your custom track rental needs. For a preview of some of our more common configurations, visit our track configuration section.

Sunday, 23 January 2011 19:11

Corporate Events

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If your corporation is seeking new ways to reward and challenge its employees with unique team building and group events, Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is the perfect venue. We offer some of the most exciting team building activities available today. Imagine putting your employee behind the wheel of a high performance sports car where they can learn, compete or simply challenge themselves in a safe, controlled racing environment. It’s an adrenaline rush like nothing they’ve previously experienced, and everyone walks away with unforgettable memories and real-world driving skills.

Whether your event is a few hours or a few days, Spring Mountain has something to meet your needs. Our professional corporate event planners can help you select the best team-building package, or assist you in designing a custom event to meet your special requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange an unforgettable experience today.

Sunday, 23 January 2011 19:10


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Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is one of the most exciting venues available for private event planning. With an extensively configurable road course, a variety of high performance vehicles, professional staff and resort-style facilities, we offer a state-of-the-art motorsports environment to host your next group event. We are conveniently located in Pahrump, Nevada, just 55 miles from downtown Las Vegas.

Whether you’re seeking a pre-designed package or have unique event needs, our professional staff has experience creating the perfect combination of motorsports activities for corporate team building, car club events, specialized automotive training, and more. Performance driving is a truly exhilarating activity that will energize and challenge your group, build their confidence and ultimately provide real-world driving skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to differentiate your next event with one of the most thrilling and memorable experiences available today.