SM Racing School

Our 2-day Racing School teaches you to pilot a purpose built race car. Using the Radical SR3, you will soon be driving at speeds you previously thought impossible. This lightweight race car is built for performance but also meets stringent FIA safety standards. No matter what your experience level, we’ll show you how to extract every bit of performance out of the Radical. You’ll be challenged and entertained as you test the limits around our purpose built 1.5 mile road course, featuring elevation changes, off camber corners, fast straights and unique turns. Everything you need to achieve maximum performance is provided.

As a bonus, graduates of our Racing School are qualified to rent a Radical race car (as availability permits) at future SM Racing events.

SM Racing School - The Ultimate in Performance

Driving a Radical is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Acceleration is immediate and powerful, it corners like it’s on rails, and the brakes – well, you need to experience them to understand.

At the SM Racing School, we teach you how to handle any car by starting with the basics such as proper racing line, threshold braking, car control and more. Short classroom sessions combined with intense track time provide the optimum environment to test your newfound skills. Our classes culminate in adrenaline filled lapping sessions that will keep you smiling for days.

Students can rent GoPro HD Video Cameras to capture and share their experience with family and friends (additional costs apply). We also offer Photograpy Services to capture the Excitement. 

2 DAY SCHOOL - $4,395

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SM Racing

Spring Mountain Racing

If you’re looking for the ultimate in performance, look no further than the Spring Mountain Racing. Our expertise with high performance race cars such as Wolf and Radical, you can experience speed and power that leaves you breathless. Spring Mountain Racing offers new Wolf race cars as well as new and used Radicals for sale. We also offer factory authorized service, support and arrive-and-drive services.

Radical School Track - 1.5 Mile Loop

  • As one of over 20 different track configurations at Spring Mountain, the challenging 1.5 mile loop was purpose-built to keep your racecar in constant transition through exhilarating elevation changes, off camber corners, fast straights and unique turns. It’s the perfect road course to test the limits of the Radical SR3.
  • 1.5 Mile



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