Adrenaline Charged Corporate Events at Spring Mountain

If your corporation is seeking new ways to reward and challenge its employees with unique team building and group events, Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch is the perfect venue. We offer some of the most exciting team building activities available today. Imagine putting your employee behind the wheel of a high performance sports car where they can learn, compete or simply challenge themselves in a safe, controlled racing environment. It’s an adrenaline rush like nothing they’ve previously experienced, and everyone walks away with unforgettable memories and real-world driving skills.

Whether your event is a few hours or a few days, Spring Mountain has something to meet your needs. Our professional corporate event planners can help you select the best team-building package, or assist you in designing a custom event to meet your special requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs and arrange an unforgettable experience today.

Event Options

Corporate Events and Team Building Packages

Spring Mountain’s corporate events are designed for flexibility. Our pre-built packages are available in half day and full day segments. Pricing is based on your particular group size and custom requirements. Call us today for full event details and price quotes, 800.391.6891.

  • Driving Experience
    Cars: Corvette or Radical
    Activity: Learn a series of performance driving skills including threshold braking, skid control, proper racing line and more.

    Hot Laps
    Cars: Corvette or Radical
    Activity: Take 4 – 6 laps around our purpose-built road course, reaching speeds of 135-150 mph depending on the vehicle and your skill and comfort level.

  • Auto Cross Time Event / Team Challenge
    Cars: Corvette or Camaro
    Activity: Just climb in and drive at your maximum comfort level through our coned auto cross course. Beat your best time, or the times of other group members.

    Kart Auto Cross / Road Racing
    Cars: Yamaha karts
    Activity: Climb in and race one of our thrilling karts through a coned auto cross course at your fastest speed. Beat your best time, or the times of other group members.

  • Lead Follow Sessions
    Cars: Corvettes
    Activity: Follow professional instructors through thrilling turns and fast straights. Take as many 20-minute lead/follow sessions as your event track time allows.

    Gun Range Competition
    Equipment: 9MM handguns
    Activity: After learning proper gun range rules, gun handling and loading techniques, you'll compete for the best target shooting scores. Gun range rules and waivers apply.

Facility Features

The Perfect Group Event Venue

Spring Mountain’s high-end facility is the perfect venue for group events. While our 4 mile track is the focal point, the facility is comprised of much more, including an 8000 sq. ft. clubhouse with patio, BBQs, indoor bar and lounge, pool, fitness facility and more. It’s a destination you need to see to believe. Visit our facilities section for a preview of the amenities available in conjunction with your private event (Additional fees may apply. Call for your custom quote).


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