Brilliantly Architected Motorsport Racetrack

The race track at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is a fantastic combination of fast sweeping corners, quick esses, off-camber turns, over 125 ft of elevation change and 4 high-speed straights including our newest half mile straight. With replicas of some of racing’s most famous corners including Mosport's 5a and 5b, the Watkins Glen "Bus Stop", and Road Atlanta's turn 1, Laguna Seca's "Corkscrew", our track provides a challenging experience for every level of driver.

The race track is comprised of over 6 miles of road course with more than 50 available configurations. Originally designed as a learning tool for the Spring Mountain Advanced Driving School (now the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School), it’s the perfect environment to keep your car in constant transition. In addition to being a superb tool for our driving schools, the Spring Mountain track is available for rent. Whether you’re a car club, corporation or institution in need of a motorsports facility, Spring Mountain is the perfect place for training, team building and pure adrenaline-charged fun.

Track Layouts

Below is just a sample of our many track configurations and represent the most common base configurations. West, Villeneuve and East tracks are commonly used for schools. Some configurations offer various options that change a portion of the track. Consult track management for the exact configuration on the day of your event. Track configurations are subject to change without notice. Track lengths shown are approximate. 

  • West 1.5 mi


    Andretti 4.0 mi


    Hunt 3.0 mi


    Moss 2.4 mi


    Rosberg 1.9 mi


    Stewart 2.9 mi


  • Villeneuve 2.2 mi


    Fangio 2.4 mi


    Lauda 2.6 mi


    North 1.2 mi


    Senna 2.6 mi


    SM Long Course 6.1 mi


  • East 2.1 mi


    Fittipaldi 3.6 mi


    Mansell 3.4 mi


    Prost 4.0 mi


    South 1.0 mi


    Clark 3.2 mi


Driving Schools

Experience the Track Under Pro Instruction

Spring Mountain’s Performance Driving Schools are the perfect opportunity to experience this exceptional road course first-hand. Our professional instructors will put you through the paces in one of our high-performance sports cars. Whether you choose our Corvette driving school or our Racing School, you’ll learn to control the power of a race car like a pro and become a better driver overall. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience our track under professional instruction. Check our event calendar for an upcoming school today.

The Spring Mountain Experience

  • “Being a member of Club Spring Mountain is like belonging to your own personal autobahn!”
    –Suzanne & Wade, Charter Club Members, Las Vegas

    “I’ve traveled around the U.S. to various race tracks and can certainly place Spring Mountain track at the top of the list. The track is perfect for the beginner, all the way up to the advanced driver – it’s just right!”
    – L. Miller, Carlisle Events

    “In Fast Company: Club Spring Mountain gives race-car aficionados what they really want- track time!
    –VEGAS Magazine

  • “I just love the Radical SR3! The car is so well sorted, it’s fast right out of the box. The handling is incredibly predictable; it just begs to be driven on the edge. I also like the fact that I don’t have to spend all my time working on the car between run sessions. The passenger seat lets me share my passion with my friends and family. Their reactions make me smile.”
    –Ken M. – Radical Owner

    “Luxury has no limits: The Ultimate Mancation…private race-car driving lessons at Club Spring Mountain Motorsports.”
    – Men’s Journal Magazine

  • “For most people, the thought of driving and racing a REAL racecar is not affordable and usually remains a dream. The Radical SR-3 is the genuine article at a reasonable price. 0-60 times in 3 seconds or less, 2.5G turns, 10,000+RPM sequential shifts, and eye-popping stopping power are all part of the experience. In addition, the open cockpit and accompanying wind-in-the face makes it the real thing, without the potential dangers of an open wheel configuration. You can take along a friend and watch the big smile that forms on their face - when they start breathing again!!”
    –Bob M.- Radical SR3 Owner


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