Club Spring Mountain News - April 2012

Club Spring Mountain News - April 2012

Great Spring Getaways at the Club

Leave your tax worries behind and celebrate the apex of the season at Club Spring Mountain's Motor Resort and desert oasis. Club Spring Mountain is the place to be this Spring - a place to indulge all your senses on the track and relax at the club after your taxing track day. While you're out driving on Spring Mountain's road course, your guests can enjoy all the luxuries of the club, have a siesta in the Condo, work out in the fitness center, enjoy a pampering massage, or lounge by the pool. Whatever you do here at the Club, we can guarantee it will be fun and memorable.

This month is filled with exciting activities and fun events with track organizations so you should catch all the action at the club in March! We're hosting the Southern California Audi Club's High Performance Driving Clinic on April 13-15 and it's going to be another great gathering. Members are invited to drive with the Audi Owners that weekend on the full track. The following weekend we will feature our Club Race Weekend April 21-22, and as always, Sabrina has lots of fun activities planned. Our next Club Miata Race will be held April 28-29, 2012. Refer to our Event Calendar to plan your track visits this month.

Convenience, Comfort and Luxury - the Club Condominiums! Our Club Condominiums feature luxury studios with kitchenettes and will allow you and your guests more space for overnight stays in comfort, style and convenience. To book a room for your next visit, contact Sabrina Fares, your personal Country Club Representative, by phone (702) 335-5450, via email - sabrina@racespringmountain.com, or call her TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 ext. 241.

Schedule your trip to Club Spring Mountain today with our easy online RSVP form. Simply click on the date you would like to visit and you'll find the RSVP form for that time. Don't miss out on all the excitement in April. Call Sabrina Fares, your Country Club Coordinator, to let us know you'll be here and we'll roll out the red carpet for you and your guests.

Albert Einstein once said about filing his tax returns, "This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher."

We'll see you at the Club!


Track Expansion and Improvements in 2012

We are happy to report that the major expansion to our Administration Building, adjacent to the Clubhouse, is now complete. The Administration Building, which houses our Management staff, inside sales personnel and Radical operations was the first permanent structure built at the facility in February of 2006. The addition of 1550 square feet of office space will allow more room for the Radical Racing School classroom, more administrative offices, additional mechanical lifts (we now have 7 mechanical bays), and a 3,000 square foot shade cover for the racers on the starting grid - just in time for the warmer months! In addition, the Winners' Podium has been given a complete facelift for photos of the race champions.

1.3 mile track extension on the horizon......Spring Mountain Motor Resort is currently in negotiations for the acquisition of a 120-acre parcel adjacent to the property. We expect the new property to be transferred in May and are planning to immediately begin grading for a 1.3-mile track extension. The new track extension will be 50 feet wide and extremely smooth, due to a special emollient mixed with the asphalt to provide an excellent grip and smooth surface, with excellent banking, including 102 feet of elevation change. With this addition, we will be able to run multiple long track variations, with the longest configuration being nearly 5 miles in length. Plans are also being finalized for the addition of paving in specific areas on the existing track, adding new corners, and additional paving to widen the track in specific areas for passing, including wide, beautiful curbing. You should be seeing these changes later this year, along with new configurations for running certain portions of the track both clockwise and counter-clockwise!

Finally, we are preparing a tentative subdivision map for the commercial property in front of the facility to include a Gas Station, various restaurants, a 55-room hotel and more.


Race Shop Opening at the Club

New Corporate Member Plans Race Shop at the Facility

Coming soon....a new Club Member opening shop at Spring Mountain! We are happy to announce the addition of Corporate Member Sector111 at Club Spring Mountain. Shinoo Mapleton, President/CEO of Sector111, reports that the company is the leader in the lightweight sports car market, with special focus on Lotus, Ariel and BAC. They are opening a satellite race shop at Spring Mountain to offer service and support to Club members. Sector111 can provide complete needs of the sports car owners, including service, track set up and upgrades. Also they can provide upgrades for street cars - especially high end cars that you use daily and want to make more unique. Sector111 is assisting us in legally registering our new Radical SL in California. They have helped many clients do the same with their kit cars. Sector111's main shop is in Temecula, California and they will staff the Spring Mountain location as required. Please contact Sector111 directly with your needs via email info@sector111.com or (951) 296-6762. Welcome to the Club!


Club Race Weekend - April 21-22, 2012

Join us for the April Races, a 2-Hour Enduro Contest, and FUN

Join us this month to watch and/or participate in the Radical Series competition to be held on April 21-22, 2012. There's something for everyone - Radical or Sports Car fans, enjoy your fellow members and participate in all the excitement. For members who would like to practice before the race, we are opening up the 2.4-mile track on Thursday and the 2.9-mile course on Friday to the members. We are expecting a large field of Radicals and Sports Cars at the race, with drivers competing for points and trophies at the end of the year. Now is your chance to keep up the momentum through the Spring season!

View the current points totals here.

Please mark your calendars to attend this big event, which will include a mandatory driver's meeting at 8:30 am on Saturday and 8:30 am on Sunday, back-to-back run sessions all day, a Radical race on both Saturday and Sunday, and a special Clubhouse dinner on Saturday night, April 21, 2012. We will be running the 2.9-mile track on Saturday, and the 2.5-,mile course on Sunday.. A complimentary continental breakfast will be served in the Clubhouse each day, and the price for lunches is $15.00 per person with pre-registration or $20.00 at the event, and dinner is $35.00 per person with pre-registration or $40.00 at the event, not including alcoholic beverages at the bar. View the schedule for the Saturday and Sunday races. For more information, contact Sabrina Fares.

It's Enduro Time! In addition to the 30 minute series race, we are pleased to announce a two-hour enduro race to be held on Saturday afternoon, April 21, 2012. This exciting contest will not be for series points, it is just a fun exhibition race. The cost will be $100.00 per driver to enter. We will have two classes for Radicals: Unlimited and SR3 (no rookie class!) and two classes for Sports cars: Class A: under 150 HP and Class B: over 150 HP. This race will be open to all members. Sports Cars must be raced prepared (cage, racing harness, extinguisher.) The race can be driven by one driver alone or teams of up to 3 drivers. Teams can utilize up to three different cars for the race. Each can drive their own cars. Each team will make two mandatory (5 min) pit stops. There will be more basic rules that will be discussed in a drivers meeting prior to the race. We will have a tire scrub session sign-up in front of the Radical shop. This will be based on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note that pre-re-registration for the Enduro is a must, so we know which teams are participating. Because we are hosting the Endurance race, there will be no karting this weekend. To sign up for the race or to join a team, please contact Sabrina Fares.

Evening's Festivities: A very special evening is planned for you on Saturday, April 21, 2012. Local popular restaurant Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse is catering a hibachi-style Japanese dinner with your choice of Kobe beef, Shrimp or Chicken, along with a variety of sushi for your enjoyment. Sabrina is setting up a Wii Entertainment System with Mario Kart, by popular demand. We will also be enjoying music by a DJ so don't miss out on the Saturday night fun!

View the photos from last month's Club races here. View the final race results, along with the latest points totals here.

Sunday Tire Raffle! Win a set of Dunlop Tires in a special raffle after the Sunday race. Members who have participated in both days' events are eligible for this special raffle.


Member News

Paul Lynch Races against a Dodge Viper Comp Coupe for a Good Cause

Charter Member of Club Spring Mountain, Paul Lynch, from Scottsdale, Arizona, started his Arizona Pain Specialists racing team to raise awareness for Chronic Pain. Recently Paul, in his SR3 Radical, battled a Dodge Viper Comp Coupe at the NASA Arizona Day-Night event. The Dodge Viper had incredible straight line speed reaching over 160 mph on the straight, however the Radical would quickly close the gap in the Twisties. Watch this Battle play out on the video.

Paul Lynch, co-founder of Arizona Pain Specialists, is an Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Physician who has dedicated his life to the eradication of pain. He currently treats complex pain patients with a Holistic approach. Paul is involved with multiple research studies and is an Assistant Professor at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. He specializes in difficult cases where other pain doctors have given up. We are proud to have Paul Lynch as a Club Spring Mountain member.

If you have member news to share, we want to hear from you. Please contact Jerra Morris, Newsletter editor, via email jerra@racespringmountain.com, or phone 714-345-9434 with your story.



We are always interested in your feedback and appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can make your time at Club Spring Mountain more enjoyable. For more news, photos and information about upcoming events, "like" us on Facebook. Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sabrina Fares, your personal Country Club Representative, by phone (702) 335-5450, via email - sabrina@racespringmountain.com, or call her TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 ext. 241.