Club Spring Mountain News - January 2020

Club Spring Mountain News - January 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Cheers to a Decade of New Beginnings

01 dateWishing you the happiest of New Years from your friends at Club Spring Mountain, where our resolution is to continue providing the most spectacular motor resort facility and services for our valued members. 2019 was a momentous year, and despite government shut downs and General Motors strikes, we were able to forge ahead with acquisitions, development and new partnerships to make your Club experience more fun and rewarding. Although the Club is growing rapidly, we will always provide the personalized service you deserve, and we are sincerely thankful for your support and friendship.

Please join us in welcoming our newest member, Marshall Kerr. We look forward to seeing you around the Club this year!

Traditionally In January we go back in time to report the highlights of last year's accomplishments and milestones. To start the new decade, the recap is listed below for your enjoyment.

02 mapAbout one year ago, despite the longest US federal government shutdown in history, Spring Mountain management and special consultants managed to keep the acquisition of 553.27 acres from the Federal Bureau of Land Management moving forward to meet its deadlines. The development team began refining plans for the new section, including a paddock area for classroom exercises and a 3.02-mile road course.

Also in January, building within Spring Mountain Estates, our luxury home development with 80 residential and mixed-use lots, saw several new housing starts, including Eric Collins, Mel Johnson, and Lot 9, with several members nearing completion. A new maintenance company was established to oversee Spring Mountain Estates, the condominiums, the streets and common area landscaping to be sure our 5-star resort remains in a pristine condition.

03 raceFebruary brought a transformation to the Club Racing program with the arrival of our new Race Director, Richie Hearn. Offering fresh new experiences each month, including time attacks and wheel-to-wheel races, we listened to our members’ ideas and incorporated them into our offerings. Club Spring Mountain hosted its first multi-class wheel-to-wheel race series February 8.

Blue Marble Cocktails, maker of all-natural, ultra-premium, ready-to-drink, pre-mixed cocktails, was announced as the new title sponsor of the Light Sport Racer (LSR) division in the 2019 Club Spring Mountain Race Series. Alan "Indy Al" Miller, Blue Marble Cocktails Founder and Planetary Ambassador, Club member, and racing enthusiast – is a valuable asset for growing the race series. In return, our club increased Blue Marble’s exposure to not only our members but to the thousands of driving school graduates, corporate partners, and guests that visit every year.

04 turtleIn March we applied for an incidental take permit under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which allows us to relocate any tortoises found on the property to approved areas. Some of our members may remember similar events during the acquisition of 120 acres in 2012, and it’s never an easy or timely process. Plans are in motion for obtaining the Tortoise Permit in January, fencing the property with an approved tortoise fence during the hibernation, and breaking ground on the racetrack expansion after the biologists walk the property.

The second annual Sports Car Invitational was held on the Mansell (C) 3.4-mile course on March 29-31. For 3 days, drivers experienced over 7 hours of open lapping sessions, competitive time trials and bracket road racing.

05 on-trackApril brought Lamborghini and McLaren of Newport Beach to the track to host an exclusive event at the Club for their customers and race team. Inviting some of their best customers to drive their exotic cars on a group voyage from Newport Beach, California to Spring Mountain, the participants enjoyed dinner at the Clubhouse, were hosted overnight in Spring Mountain’s Luxury Condos, and spent a high-octane day on the track with their supercars, hypercars and race cars.

06 groupJune 7 was the date of our spectacular 15th Anniversary Celebration, with nearly 200 members and friends joining us at the Clubhouse for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, music and reminiscing on 15 years of racing, growth, innovation, and unforgettable memories. Music was provided by DJ Rico Rox, beverages by Blue Marble Ultra-Premium Cocktails, and some of our members’ rare, exotic and custom cars were on display. Our hard-working staff worked tirelessly to ensure a memorable party for everyone and we are grateful for their loyalty and support.

07 water towersSummer brought the successful close of escrow on 553.27 acres of property directly adjacent to the facility. The parcel, identified as phase one of a two-part sale from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM,) was awarded by modified competitive sealed-bid sale. Last week, Spring Mountain was awarded the bid for the second phase of 67 acres which is expected to close in 2020, bringing the total size of the facility to 933 acres.

Also in July we received our Permit to Operate a Public Water System from the Division of Environmental Protection Bureau of Safe Drinking Water. After years of planning, construction and governmental red tape, the $13.7 Million Water and Sewer Treatment plant serves Spring Mountain Estates, the Commercial development and surrounding areas.

08 ron fellowsThe long-awaited 8th generation mid-engine Corvette Stingray was revealed to the public in a spectacular worldwide launch on July 18. Spring Mountain Partners John Morris and Brad Rambo attended the event, along with Dave Petrie, General Manager, and Todd Crutcher, Marketing Director. Ron Fellows, Corvette Racing Legend, also made an appearance, and cars emblazoned with his name lined up in the grassy area surrounding the hangar. Spring Mountain and General Motors entered into a long-term contract for training on the Corvette and began the Dealer Training program last month. Photo Credit: Exploring Elements

09 track cornersRead the historical timeline for a complete listing of our achievements since the purchase of Spring Mountain in 2004.

2020 will be a remarkable year with more news to be revealed in the coming months. Thank you for riding shotgun on this exciting journey with us. We are looking forward to making more memories with you, our valued members.

Club Race Weekend January 10-12

Join us for the First Club Races of the New Decade!

10 race weekendThe Spring Mountain 2020 Race Series, presented by Blue Marble Ultra-Premium Cocktails, begins this month on the Fittipaldi "G" 3.2-mile race course. The weather looks cool, crisp and beautiful with highs in the low 50's, lows in the 30's and sunny skies for the first competition of the new decade. New rules and regulations for 2020 have gone into effect, and this month we begin a 6-month race series that will run through June, transitioning us into a new year of racing beginning September and ending June of 2021. Our 2020 racing season will include both time attacks and wheel-to-wheel styles of racing on the schedule.

11 raceYour weekend begins Thursday at 9:00 am with open track featuring sports cars at the top of the hour and Prototype at the bottom of the hour. Lunch will be served in the Clubhouse and the track will be closed from 12:00-1:00 pm. Again from 1:00-4:00 pm open track will be available with sports cars at the top of the hour and Protytype at the bottom of the hour. At 4:00 pm the bar will be open with a limited food menu in the Clubhouse.

12 lineupFriday starts at 7:00 am with Mandatory Drivers meetings for Sports Cars at 7:30 am and Prototype (Radical and Wolf cars) at 8:00 am, followed by open sessions and qualifying for both categories. Track Maintenance is at 10:00 am, followed by Sports Car Time Attacks races, the Prototype Pregrid and the Prototype Race #1 at 11:30 am. The track will be closed from 12-1 (lunch will be served in the Clubhouse from 11:30-1:00 pm,) with the Sports Cars W2W Race at 1:30 pm. At 2 pm Track Maintenance and Pace Car Warm-up begins, followed by Prototype Pregrid and Prototype Race #2 at 2:45 pm. The track will be closed at 3:15 pm, followed by the Podium for all racers. The Bar is open at 4 pm, followed by a fun and competitive Darts Tournament and Dinner in the Clubhouse at 6:00 pm.

13 greetingSaturday's activities begin at 7:00 am with race day registration and tech inspections, followed by open sessions for Sports Cars and Prototype categories. Track maintenance and the Sports Cars Time Attacks races begin at 9:50 am, followed by track maintenance and Protytype pregrid at 11:10 am. The Protytype Race #3 starts at 11:30 am, with podium immediately following the race. The track will be closed from 12-1:00 pm, with lunch served from 11:30-1:00 pm. At 12:50 pm, the Sports Car W2W pregrid will be held followed by the Sports Car W2W race at 1:10 pm and podium immediately following. Beginning at 1:30 pm, 25-minute open sessions for Prototype and Sports Cars will be held until 4:00, after which the track will be closed for the day. The Bar will be open at 2:30 pm.

14 podiumSunday begins at 9:00 am with open track featuring sports cars at the top of the hour and Prototype at the bottom of the hour. Lunch will be served in the Clubhouse and the track will be closed from 12:00-1:00 pm. Again from 1:00-4:00 pm open track will be available with sports cars at the top of the hour and Prototype at the bottom of the hour. At 4:00 pm the track will be closed.

15 awardsRead the race highlights from last month's Club Race weekend, complete with photos of the competition, results and points, prepared by our Marketing Staff.

For a complete listing of all the weekend's events, view the Race Schedule for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

View the photos by Rhea Miller from last month's race weekend.

Looking forward to seeing all of our members this month!

Thank You for your Support

16 thankyouWe welcome your feedback and appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can make your time at Club Spring Mountain more enjoyable. For more news, photos and information about upcoming events, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest developments.

Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Elizabeth McGee, Membership Director. Elizabeth can be reached by email clubcoordinator@racespringmountain.com, TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 ext. 241, or by cell (702) 335-5450.

We'll See You at the Club!