Club Spring Mountain News - September 2013

Club Spring Mountain News - September 2013

Huge Developments at the Club!

2.1-mile track extension, 7200 square foot Training Center and MORE

Are you ready for an adrenaline-packed Autumn? Don't miss the fall season at Club Spring Mountain, your destination for motorsports excitement. Yes, you'll be among the FIRST to run on the NEW ultra-smooth, wide and screaming fast 2.1-mile track extension, and at the September Club race weekend you will race on the longest road course ever run in our history...a union of THREE track configurations for speed, agility and heart-pounding excitement.

Experience the NEW 2.1-mile track through this video link, both clockwise and counter-clockwise!

Get ready for an ALL NEW track experience this season! After a momentous summer of development at our 313-acre facility, we're ready for the biggest and best season of the year. Club members will find MORE amenities than ever with our latest expansion.

* THE TRACK! The paving of the new 2.1-mile 40' wide track is complete and turned out very smooth, including an 81' elevation change high-speed spiral (similar to the famous Laguna Seca corkscrew) with a high bank, a blind ascent and extreme G-force turns. The all new road course also features 4 fast new straights, ranging from 700 to 2,200 feet. Spring Mountain is now the longest track in the Americas, with over 6-miles of road course for your driving pleasure.
* SKID PAD. You'll have more space to hone your skills with our new 300x500 square foot Skid Pad.
* CURBS. Beautiful new curbs with special features for safety and speed are painted and ready for action.
* RUNOFF. The back fill and runoff is now graded and compacted.
* TRAINING & EVENT CENTER. Our new multi-purpose, 7200 square foot Deluxe Training and Event Center is right on schedule and should be complete by mid-September...just in time for our first Performance Driving Classes on September 16.
* NEW ENTRANCE! A brand new entrance to the latest section of the track is paved and ready for entry off the Highway.
* INTERIOR ROAD. An all-new section of interior road connecting the original and new sections of the facility will be complete in time for the September Club Race weekend, September 21-22.
* GARAGES. The 14-bay garage building with Air Conditioning is now complete and nearly sold out.
* JACUZZI. The all-new 12-14 person Spa is finished, and will be heated for your use on a daily basis.
* CONTROL TOWER. Construction of the new control tower for the track extension is now under way with completion scheduled for September 15.
* RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL LOTS. Development is continuing on the residential and commercial lots and we should be seeing maps and grading later this winter. Plans include the construction of Hotels, Restaurants, Gas Stations and more.
* THE LAKE! Plans are being finalized for an 8-acre, 10-foot deep lake for Paddle-boarding and Jetpack operations, complete with white sand and cabanas. We'll keep you posted on further developments here.

None of our progress would be possible without your enthusiasm and support, and we thank you sincerely for your confidence in us as we continue to provide a world-class Club experience for you and your guests.

GM Stingray Dealer Training Program

Spring Mountain Chosen as Site for Exclusive GM Dealer Training Program

We are proud to announce that Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is the host of the Official 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Dealer Sales Academy. Less than one-third of Chevrolet's dealers across the country will be selling the redesigned 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray when sales begin later this year. The 2014 Corvette Stingray coupe will be shipped to eligible dealers in the third quarter and record sales are projected.

Spring Mountain is ready for the Dealers to experience a 1 ½-day extensive training program. Before the Dealers can sell the highly sought-after Corvette, they must first designate specialists in Stingray Sales and Service and attend our Training Program. Dealers began their training last week and the program is expected to run for 7 months, until March 2014.

As The Official High Performance Driving School of Chevrolet, our own Ron Fellows Performance Driving Schools are set to begin September 16, with classes to be held in the newly completed Training Center.

Club Race Weekend - September 21-22

Members to race on the longest track ever run in Club history

Get ready for some racing excitement this month! Join us for an action -packed race weekend this month, beginning with the Saturday and Sunday Drivers Meeting at 8:00 am, followed by 25 minutes of Orientation laps at 50 mph speeds (flashers required.) 25-minute sessions (Radicals, Sports Cars and non-racers) for practice, fun and qualifying will run throughout the day. Beginning with the September Race weekend, we will feature TWO separate Radical races...a rookie race and an SR3/Unlimited Contest. A Miata Race will be held on Saturday and Sunday, and we will have a Bracket Race on Saturday afternoon, pending participation.

To cover the new course we will add 5 additional flaggers, more corner worker stations and a Professional Race official from NARRA. Please note that no Club members will be involved in rule enforcement. For the FIRST time we will be tying all three tracks together and you'll be racing on a fast, easy-to-learn 4-mile course that has never been driven before! Your Thursday and Friday morning practice sessions will be on the all new 2.1-mile new road course, and on Friday afternoon (after the GM program) the 4-mile configuration will be open for your enjoyment all weekend.

Please note the Club Condominiums will not be available for rental on Thursday evenings for the duration of the Corvette Dealer program. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday rentals are available by reservation through Erik Odegard, Members Coordinator. Please contact Erik for Thursday night room options. Members will have full use of the Clubhouse for administration, restrooms, pool, jacuzzi, fitness center and massages at any time during the GM program, even during the week. The only restriction is during actual meal times and just a portion of the clubhouse will be affected.

A new interior road is now being completed with direct access to the new section of the property from the front gate. This will allow members to travel directly from the original track to the new section. Chef Susan will be hosting member lunches on Thursdays and Friday on race weekends in the multi-purpose building adjacent to the new track.

Club Spring Mountain is proud to offer more member track days than any other Club in the country and to be the only Club providing use of the track every weekend. We have extended the track several times to provide more course variations, amenities and track use to the members. The members will always have the use of at least two of the four configurations nearly every weekend of the year, including the Radical Loop, the North Loop, the South Loop and the new East Loop.

Ladies, start your engines! One of the highlights of the September Club Weekend will be the Women's Radical Exhibition Race on Saturday, September 21 between Monica Carlson and Collette Brawner. Come out for the fun, invite your friends and support these passionate women racers in an exciting 15-minute wheel-to-wheel race contest between two beautiful contenders. We'll see you there!

Saturday night Banquet! Please join us for an evening of cocktails, dinner and camaraderie at the Clubhouse on Saturday night, with a sumptuous menu by Chef Susan. Buffet breakfasts are included in your race fees. Lunches are 15.00 with pre-registration or $20.00 at the event, and Dinner is $35.00 with pre-registration or $40.00 at the event.

For more information, please view the Saturday and Sunday race schedule. View the latest points standings for the Radical Race Series.

Check out the photos from the June 2013 Club Race weekend.

We look forward to seeing all of our members at this exciting Club weekend.

Radical News

Welcome Scott Sapio, Radical Cup 2013 and New Billing Program

Please welcome Scott Sapio, our new Radical Workshop Director, to the team. Scott grew up in South Jersey and moved west as a teenager. His love for engines began early, and at age 15 Scott built and modified Camaros and Trans Ams for the Grand Am racing series. Through high school Scott worked at auto dealers such as Porsche, BMW, Chevrolet, Aston Martin, and Mercedes. Most recently, after serving for 4 years as Fixed Operations Director at a GMC Dealer in Utah, Scott had his own business specializing in servicing and building exotic and custom cars. He sold his business and relocated to Las Vegas from Park City this year.

Scott has been a club racer since he was old enough to drive, both cars and bikes. After a bike accident at Laguna Seca in 2005, Scott converted to cars and bought a 1995 BMW M3. Scott currently has a modified 2008 BMW coupe, a 1995 V8LS powered M3, Harley Davidson Softail, and a custom truck he builds in his spare time. Single with no children, Scott's passions are travel and playing with cars.

One of Scott's contributions to Radical is a revolutionary new billing system, and beginning October 1 the program will officially go on line. Our Club members will benefit with faster billing, within a few days to a week from the work being performed, even on race weekends. The entire parts inventory will be on the system as well. It runs much like a dealership's computer system and is very accurate and simple.

Scott weighs in on his position at Radical, "I started with Radical West in May of this year and absolutely love it as well as all the members and staff. This is by far a world-class facility and I'm just happy to be a part of it."

Scott is your "go-to" guy for anything service-related with your Radical. He will be handling all of the communications between our members and the shop as far as work as well as running and overseeing the workshop functions, parts department and assisting Nicole with billing. Scott can be reached on his mobile phone at 702-721-6106, or via email scott@radicalwest.com.

Radical Cup 2013

Our traveling race series, the inaugural Radical Cup 2013, has been a huge success with many of our members touring the top race tracks in the US to compete for points and prizes. Last month's contest was held at our sister club, Autobahn Raceway. The Radical Cup championships and prizes, including the chance to race in the Radical Masters Euroseries and test a top European LMP2 car, will culminate in the season finale at another sister Club, Monticello Motor Club, Sept 6-8. Congratulations to our expert member racers, who made us proud in the series this spring and summer!

View the current Radical Cup Points Totals. For more information about last months' contest, view the NARRA race report.

It's New, It's FUN, It's Blo-Kart!

A Unique New Land Sail Machine

Experience the track from a new and different perspective with a Blo-Kart! Imported from New Zealand, this fun, fast and compact land sailor will allow you to feel the wind in your sails as you navigate the track or paddock. Have fun racing your friends, cruising around the Club, or just feel the adrenaline rush while gliding through a strong wind on the Spring Mountain road course.

Be one of the first in the area to try out this is taking the world by storm! Blo-Kart is now available for purchase at the Club for only $3,900, complete and ready to sail. Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is the official Nevada dealer for Blo-Karts and we have several in stock for you to try out during your next visit.

Call us TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 or contact us to arrange a test sail today!

Thanks for your Support

We welcome your and appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can make your time at Club Spring Mountain more enjoyable. For more news, photos and information about upcoming events, be sure to "like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for the latest developments. Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Erik Odegard, your personal Country Club Representative. Erik can be reached via email erik@racespringmountain.com, TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 ext. 241, or by cell (702) 335-5450.

See you at the Club!