Spring Mountain News – September 2022

Spring Mountain News – September 2022

Big Changes on the Horizon

Major Expansion and Forward Momentum

01 podium partyWelcome to a brand-new season! We are racing into fall at Club Spring Mountain with news about track expansion projects and changes to the skyline at the facility. As valued members, you are witnessing some exciting times in our 18-year history, and we're thrilled you are along for the ride. During the summer our development team has been busy enhancing the vision of a resort-style destination for our members, and great progress has been made. See our Facility Development report below.

02 peopleMotorsports enthusiasts have seen the vision and are investing in a Club membership to become a part of our promising future. Please join us in welcoming our latest members: Corporate Member Wide Open Rallys, LLC from Reno, NV, represented by Kurt Fehling, Gregg Betonte, Greg Thiessen, and Chet Luedtke. New Charter members are Matt Gilsdorf from Reno, NV, Matt and Jewels DuBois from Irvine, CA, and Steve Myers and Ashley Burrow from San Francisco, CA. We look forward to seeing our new members at the Club and on the track.

We are grateful for your enthusiasm, friendship and support as we embark on a memorable new season of change and growth. As always, our goal is to continue to provide a phenomenal Club experience for you and your guests. See you at the track!

Facility Development Update

Storm Damage Cleanup and Construction Progress

03 mapThe month of July ended in a dramatic fashion when a 1000-year event dumped 5.11 inches of rainfall in a one-square-mile area within 49 minutes. The event produced nearly 76 billion gallons of runoff headed directly for the track, as rivers of water rushed down the alluvial plain through portions of Spring Mountain Estates and along the east side of the property. Damage was severe to parts of the track and to several homes within the Estates. The response from Spring Mountain’s staff and the Double M Construction team was swift and nothing short of heroic, as all employees and contractors worked as a team to clean up the area and to ensure our track, buildings and homes were restored.

Our drainage ditches were originally designed to carry up to 1,600 cubic feet per second and to store 13 million gallons of stormwater on-site. The plan was based on a 100-year flood event with .5" of rain for a 3-hour duration. Supplemental protection measures accomplished include the installation of a 4' deep and 10' wide storm drainage ditch, capable of handling another 1000-year event, with rainfall of over 20,000 cubic feet per second for a duration of 12 hours. (The blue line indicates the path of the new drainage ditch. Click to enlarge photo.) In addition, sediment ponds were added and we will be installing grouted rip rap spillways to avoid erosion and to control flow directions. The block wall behind the homes in Spring Mountain Estates was rebuilt to strengthen the barrier. All track clean-up is nearly complete and run-off is better than ever. Detail work will begin for additional clean-up and high-level protection for the homes for the next two months. Most of the damage to the homes in Spring Mountain estates has been repaired, and we appreciate your understanding as we strive to avoid these incidents in the future. John Morris will be speaking on Friday, September 16 at the banquet during Race weekend, presenting water flow management on an aerial map.

04 raceRuss Meads of Double M Construction and his team have been working through the summer months on storm clean-up and development projects.

Charleston Peak, our premier 3.23-mile circuit, has undergone significant improvements to its infrastructure this summer. The first garage building is now under construction with framing underway and completion expected during the last week of October. A 40x60 tent for members and classes has been erected, complete with air-conditioning and ventilation, and the new utility and restroom building is in progress and expected to be finished at the end of October.

05 staffThe New West Track Classroom remodel is underway, with framing in progress and project finish expected by mid-October. Two 5,000 square-foot garage storage buildings, located behind the Corvette building, have begun construction and concrete will be poured next week. Framing will be up by the end of September, and Russ is expecting the completion of the project to be mid-November. Our Go-Kart project is making progress, with a new parcel map completed and recorded and the tortoise permit expected to be listed on the federal registry in October.

Desert Invitational – September 29 - October 1

Don’t Miss our Inaugural Event with Apex Motor Club

06 logo07 raceWe are excited to announce the inaugural Desert Invitational at Spring Mountain. The Desert Invitational is a semi-annual event between Spring Mountain and Apex Motor Club for members only. With plans to be held twice a year, each fall it will be hosted at Spring Mountain, and in the Spring, Apex Motor Club in Maricopa, AZ will be our host. The objective is to build camaraderie between the clubs, meet new people, and create some fun for the members with the opportunity to drive at different tracks.

The first event will be held at Spring Mountain from September 29 through October 1. This event is open to Prototypes and race-prepped Sports Cars. The format will be similar to our Club race weekends, featuring an open track day on Thursday, and racing on Friday and Saturday. Dinners will be hosted on both Thursday and Friday nights, with a DJ on Friday.

Apex Motor Club is expecting a fantastic turnout, with 18 drivers already signed up for the event, and we hope to have a large number of our Club members in attendance as well. Click for more information and to register for the event.

Radical World Finals 2022 – Charleston Peak

Celebrate Radical’s 25th Anniversary November 9-13

08 lasvegasSpring Mountain Motor Resort is proud to host the 2022 Radical World Finals at the iconic Charleston Peak circuit. Radical Motorsport is celebrating 25 years of success with a five-day, action-packed program. Featured will be four days on the track, a pool of international talent, three classes competing, and three world champions crowned. Extravagant social events are also planned for all participants.

This event doesn’t just recognize Radical’s 25th year, but over 18 years of partnership between Spring Mountain and Radical Motorsport. Radicals have been integral to our success at Spring Mountain; and the fast, flowing nature of our new track, Charleston Peak, was designed with Radicals in mind, so it is only fitting that it hosts the inaugural Radical World Final. Register for the event here.

Trevor Rose of Four-Four Motorsports

Trevor and Team Provide Race and Track Support to Members since 2018

09 trackhelpTrevor Rose knew that Spring Mountain was the place he wanted to be from his first track day experience here in 2007. After initially helping member Teddy Landau with his race cars, his reputation grew and he soon left his job as a fabricator and hot rod builder to start his business, Four Four Motorsport, full-time. Trevor's fledgling enterprise quickly snowballed to setting up a shop at Spring Mountain's kart garage in 2018. Today Four Four Motorsport works with over 60 race cars for 50 members. Trevor’s team also sets up and supports away races for a few members.

10 racecarDuring most race weekends you will find Four Four Motorsport supporting over 15 cars. Their services include race and track support, race car and high-end performance streetcar maintenance, full race car builds, chassis setup and alignment, custom fabrication, vehicle logistics, and more. Sports cars from Porsches and Ferraris to BMW’s and Mazdas are all supported. In fact, Trevor believes that Four Four services more Mazda Global Cup cars than any other facility in the United States.

A highlight in Trevor’s career was working on Greg Boehme’s car. 11 race“I had the amazing opportunity to fully tear down and restore a piece of racing history for Greg Boehme. His Leman's GT1 Ford GT had 400+ hours in the car by the time I was done.” He has also been working with some of the members to bring a new car to Spring Mountain, the Ginetta GTA. Currently, there are 8 cars on the property and 3 more en route.

Trevor sums it up. “In the 5 1/2 years I have been doing this I have met some truly amazing people and made a ton of new friends, all from Spring Mountain. I can honestly say I love what we do and where we get to do it! It has been truly amazing to see Spring Mountain grow over the years, and now we are a part of it with our new 5000 sq ft building that will be going up on site.”

Club Race Weekend – September 15-18

The First Race Weekend for 2022-2023 set for the Charleston Peak 2.76-Mile Course

12 peopleThe Spring Mountain 2022-2023 Race Series, presented by our wonderful sponsors, Blue Marble Ultra-Premium Cocktails, Dakine, and Vertra, begins this weekend on our premier Charleston Peak 2.76-mile circuit. Pre-fall race conditions are expected for the weekend's events, with daytime temperatures in the mid-90s and lows in the low-60s with mostly sunny skies above. Please be advised we are adhering to our health and safety practices and limiting the number of people in the Clubhouse so pay close attention to the posted schedule while you are on the property as it is subject to change.

13 raceYour weekend begins Thursday at 8:00 am with 25-minute open track sessions for Sports Car, Open Club Racers, and SM Radical Cup. Lunch will be served in the Clubhouse and the track will be closed from 12:00-1:00 pm. Again from 1:00-4:00 pm, open track will be available for Sports Cars, SM Radical Cup, and Open Club Racers. The Bar opens at 4 pm with a limited menu served from 5-7 pm in the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse closes at 8 pm.

14 raceFriday starts at 6:45 am with Race Day Registration and Tech Inspections. A mandatory meeting for all drivers begins at 7:15 am, followed by open sessions for Open Club Racers, SM Radical Cup, and Sports Cars. Qualifying rounds for each category and track maintenance will be held thereafter. The track will be closed from 11:30-1:00. At 1:15 Sports Cars will pre-grid, followed by the Sports Car Race #1 at 1:35 pm and track maintenance. At 2:15 pm, SM Radical Cup will pre-grid, followed by the SM Radical Cup Race #1 at 2:15 pm. At 3:05 pm, track maintenance will commence, followed by Open Club Race pre-grid and Open Club Race #1 at 3:35 pm. The bar opens at 4 pm, our Friday night dinner will be served at 6:30 pm, and Chairman John Morris will be providing members with an update on water flow management.

15 people garageSaturday's activities begin at 6:45 am with race-day registration in the Clubhouse office. Beginning at 8:00 am, open sessions for Open Club Racers, SM Radical Cup and Sports Cars will be held, followed by qualifying and track maintenance. At 11:10 am, Sports Cars will pre-grid, followed by Sports Car Race #2 at 11:30 am and Sports Car Podium at 12:00 pm. Track maintenance will be performed at 12:00 pm. The track will be closed from 11:30 - 1:00 pm for Lunch. At 1:00 pm, the SM Radical Cup racers will pre-grid, followed by the SM Radical Cup race #2 at 1:20 pm and Podium at 1:50 pm. At 2:05 pm, Track maintenance will be performed, followed by Open Club Race pre-grid at 2:30 pm and Open Club Race #2 at 2:50 pm. The track will be closed for the day at 4:00 pm.

16 podiumSunday begins at 9:00 am with open track with 40 minute sessions featuring Sports Cars at the top of the hour and Prototypes at the bottom of the hour. Lunch will be served in the Clubhouse and the track will be closed from 12:00-1:00 pm. At 4:00 pm the track will be closed for the day.

For specific details about race weekend activities, visit the Club Spring Mountain Member App.

17 driverWatch our latest Race Highlights Video, entitled "We Breed Champions," written by Ashlyn Ellis. The title celebrates all the members who came to us with little experience, became champions in our series, and then went on to race in the most competitive pro racing series today.

View the photos from June's race weekend, by Gianni Kameehonua.

We are grateful to our Club Spring Mountain Race Series sponsors – Blue Marble Cocktails, Dakine, Vertra, and Michelin. Thank you sincerely for your support.

Looking forward to seeing all of our members this month!

Thanks for Your Support

18 thanksWe welcome your feedback and appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can make your time at Club Spring Mountain more enjoyable. For more news, photos and information about upcoming events, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest developments.

Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Elizabeth McGee, Membership Director, or Samantha Harris, Club Coordinator. Contact Elizabeth by email elizabeth@racespringmountain.com, or by cell (702) 235-3414. Contact Samantha by email clubcoordinator@racespringmountain.com, or by cell at 702-335-5450.

We'll See You at the Club!

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