Resort-Style Amenities - Relax Off the Track

Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club offers amenities like no other racetrack in the West. Our facility is a resort-style environment where you and your family can relax and play once the racing day is done. Whether you’re looking for after-race camaraderie and cocktails, additional sports activities, or just a relaxing private room, we have you covered.

Explore our clubhouse with outdoor patio, fire pits, pool area and workout facility, or continue your sporting day on our indoor racquetball court or gun range. If pure relaxation is more to your liking, book a massage with our staff massage therapist, or retire to one of our on-site condos. Whether you’re a club member, student or family member, our facility provides amenities to keep you entertained in comfort.

At Spring Mountain, we are always looking for new ways to entertain our members and guests. So come out to Lake Spring Mountain and experience the world's first water jetpack or jetblade! This amazing flying machine is what we all dreamed of as kids. To get a sneak peak of what's in store, check out Lake Spring Mountain. Once you see it, you will want to fly it now.


8,000 Square Feet of Luxury

The Spring Mountain clubhouse is a focal point for our members and students. It’s a place to relax between sessions, eat fine catered meals and discuss the day’s events with your friends in comfort. And if work follows you to the track, we can even accommodate meetings. View our clubhouse details for a full preview of all the spa-style options available.

On-Track Home Away From Home

With all the comforts of a high-end hotel, and a location that can’t be beat, our on-site condominiums are affordable and convenient. Make those early morning drivers meetings easier to attend by reserving one of our perfectly situated condos.
Gun Range

Two Lanes, No Waiting

Our two lane, climate controlled indoor shooting range allows you to practice your eye-hand coordination and targeting skills. Fire handguns with ammunition up to 2,000 ft. per second. We also offer a tactical training program to anyone interested in obtaining his or her CCW permit.

Bring your firearm and ammunition, check-out with our range master, and you’re ready to practice shooting. Please read our gun range rules and regulations for detailed information before requesting a lane, or contact us with any specific gun range questions: 800.391.6891.


Indoor Racquetball Court

Still energized after an exhilarating day of racing? You can work off some of that extra energy on our indoor racquetball court. Test your skills against friends and family, or practice on your own. Bring your own equipment, or use the provided racquets. The court is first-come-first serve and is open to members, students and family until 9 p.m.


Looking for an extra dose of adrenaline? Sign up for a Hydroflight Experience on a Jetpack or Jetblade at Lake Spring Mountain. Lake Spring Mountain's Certified Flight Instructors will have you flying in a matter of minutes, using their state-of-the-art training process that utilizes remote throttle control and walkie-talkie helmets for continuous in-flight communication and now kids as young as 5can fly with an instructor with our new Tandem Jetpack. First-time pilots can learn to fly up to 30 feet in the air, up to speeds of 25 mph and learn maneuvers like walking on water, no-handed flying and underwater submarine dives. Call Lake Spring Mountain at 702.302.9462 to reserve your flight time today.

Paddle Board


Paddle Boarding is the newest craze to be sweeping the waterways of the world and we’re excited to have it available to you at Lake Spring Mountain. Boards of various sizes are available for rent and you can get instruction on the proper technique for a great paddle board workout or you can use your board to simply lounge on the water to soak up some sun. Call Jetpack America at 888.553.6471 for more information and to reserve your board.