Monica Carlson shares her passion for racing at Spring Mountain Motor Resort in the July 2019 Racer Magazine Fast Track article. Read about it here: Racer Magazine, July 2019.
Ron Fellows Performance Driving School and Cadillac V-Performance Academy hold the 1 and 2 slots in Racer Magazine's list of the best US race tracks. Read the story: Racer Magazine, July 2019
“Imagine shrugging off your helmet and racing overalls for a quick dip in the pool after a day of hot-lapping your Corvette ZR1 while your kids get a jetpack ride over an azure lake, surrounded by dappled desert sunlight. At a place like…

Jessica Mack of takes on the ZR1! Read the story: I took a class in the 2019 Corvette ZR1's 755HP Schoolroom.

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