Club Spring Mountain News - February 2013

Club Spring Mountain News - February 2013

Track Expansion Begins This Month

Watch us Grow Into the 2nd Longest Track in the World!

Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club is starting the New Year with a major expansion of the facility. We have received our long-awaited tortoise permit from the U.S Department of Fish & Wildlife, which gives us the clearance to improve the 120-acre parcel adjacent to the track acquired in May 2012 from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM.) With the new parcel, our total facility now includes 313 acres and the improvements have begun, thanks to the acquisition of private funding for the multi-million dollar project from Jeffrey Cheng, Charter Member of Club Spring Mountain, and Principal of JDJ Investments.

"Slow and steady wins the race." The track extension was initially set to begin last June; however strict regulations imposed by the government to protect the desert tortoise literally slowed down our pace to a crawl. We are committed to protecting the Desert Tortoise, the official reptile of the state of Nevada, which has recently become a threatened species. The population of the desert tortoise has declined by 90 percent since the 1980s, and they are protected from threat of extinction by Federal law.

Acquiring the Tortoise Permit allows us to begin work on the fence that will protect the reptiles from entering the property. Construction has already begun on the grading of the fence line and installation of the tortoise fence that will surround the perimeter of the property begins next week. After the construction of the barrier is complete the government biologist returns to clear the property for tortoises after which grading of the track will finally begin.

Our General Contractor, Russ Meads of Double M Construction reports we have acquired all of the County permits needed to move forward with the new 2-mile track extension, and grading will begin immediately after the area is cleared by the government biologist. The grading and prep operation is expected to last three months, and paving will be completed in six days. The new track extension will be 50 feet wide and extremely smooth, due to a special emollient mixed with the asphalt to provide more grip and a smooth surface.

With this addition, we will be able to run more extended track variations with the longest configuration being nearly 6 miles in length, making Spring Mountain the second longest track in the world! You will be seeing the changes this spring along with new configurations for running certain portions of the track both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Plans are in place for subdividing a portion of the facility into residential lots this summer, so stay tuned for more news and developments. In addition we are preparing a tentative subdivision map for the commercial property in front of the facility to include a Gas Station, various restaurants, a hotel and more.

Our vision for Spring Mountain to become one of the finest motorsports facilities in the world is becoming a reality, and we thank you sincerely for your support and enthusiasm which has made it all possible. We're looking forward to serving you now and in the future.


We'll see you at the Club!


Miata Series for 2013 begins in March

Join our Low-Cost and FUN Competition

The Club Spring Mountain Miata Race Series (CSMMRS) prepares to launch into its third year of racing on the weekend of February 16-17, 2013. The series is intended to provide Club Spring Mountain members an inexpensive race series whose sole focus is safe competitive wheel to wheel racing, driver development, and good sportsmanship.

The Series Highpoints:

* A 9 weekend (18 race) schedule that includes; Sprints, and Enduro. * A Series Championship based on the best 14 of 18 finishes, giving drivers flexibility with their schedules.
* Open to CSM Members only. Know who you are racing with.
* Low Cost. The series is only $325.00 to join and a $100.00 per event (that's both Saturday and Sunday) registration.
* Competitive inexpensive vehicles, all Miatas must meet specific rules to ensure close competitive racing.
* Self-governing, participants will provide series oversight. Simple 13/13 rules apply.
* No Experience? Not a problem. Spring Mountain can offer a SCCA certified race clinic.

For more information about the Mazda Miata series, please contact Tony Zito at (702 ) 521-9966 or by email at Blue996TT@gmail.com. Or call Erik Odegard, who be reached at 800.391.6891 ext. 224, or by cell (702) 335-5450.


Club Race Weekend - February 16-17, 2013

Bring your Valentine to Cheer You On in the February Race

Join us this month for three big race events....the Miata Series, the Radical Series and the Bracket Races to be held on February 16-17, 2013. There's something for everyone - Radical, Miata or Sports Car fans, enjoy your fellow members and participate in all the excitement. Come early to perfect your driving skills for the competition as our valued members will enjoy exclusive use of the full track on both Thursday and Friday to practice for the big race.

We are expecting a large field of Miatas, Radicals and Sports Cars at the race, with drivers competing for points and trophies at the end of the year. Now is your chance to keep up the momentum! The Bracket-style race for sports cars will be held on Saturday which includes ALL makes of Sports Cars, and will now include Sports Cars ONLY. Slower cars and drivers will start the race with a time advantage over faster and more experienced drivers, so everyone has an equal chance to win the contest.

View the latest Race Results and Points Totals.

Please mark your calendars to attend this big event, which will include a mandatory Driver's meeting at 8:00 am on both Saturday and Sunday. Directly after the meeting a special 25-minute 50 mph maximum orientation-style lapping session will be held so our members can become familiar with the track configuration in use. The Orientation session will be followed by back-to-back run sessions all day, a Miata, Radical and Bracket-style race on Saturday and a Miata and Radical race on Sunday. Chef Susan DeLisle has an enticing menu planned for the weekend festivities and a celebratory Clubhouse dinner on Saturday night, February 16, 2013. A festive Fireworks Display for members and guests will be featured after the Clubhouse Dinner, courtesy of Red Apple Fireworks. On Saturday we will be running the 4.0-mile Andretti course, and on Sunday the 2.5-mile Fangio course will be in use. A complimentary continental breakfast will be served in the Clubhouse each day, and the price for lunches is $15.00 per person with pre-registration or $25.00 at the event, and dinner is $35.00 per person with pre-registration or $45.00 at the event, not including alcoholic beverages at the bar.

View the schedule for Saturday and Sunday's events.

A special thanks is extended to the hard working Club Spring Mountain Arrive & Drive crew....we had a large field of racers ever last month and we always appreciate their dedication.

Check out the photos from last month's Club races.

Sunday Tire Raffle! Win a set of Dunlop Tires in a special raffle after the Sunday race. Members who have participated in both days' events are eligible for this special raffle.

Valentines' Weekend Ladies Massage Raffle. For Drivers' wives and significant others, on Sunday of the Club Race weekend we will be raffling off a relaxing 60-minute massage with Tina Edgerton, our Club Masseuse extraordinaire! The lucky winner will have her choice of a regular massage or a hot stone massage. Tina will relax your cares away with her magic touch. Contact us to schedule your treatment today!

Looking forward to racing with you!



We are always interested in your feedback and appreciate your comments and suggestions on how we can make your time at Club Spring Mountain more enjoyable. For up-to-the-minute news, photos and information about upcoming events, "like" us on Facebook. Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Erik Odegard, your personal Country Club Representative. Erik can be reached TOLL FREE at 800.391.6891 ext. 224, or by cell (702) 335-5450.

See you at the Club!

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